Welcome to our family! We have a small ranch in Calhan, Colorado with lots of room for puppies and adults run and play. Calhan is 30 miles east of Colorado Springs. We are family owned and operated. On staff full time we have four adults, including my husband, I and our daughter. We also have a Vet technician and multiple volunteers. Our adults have had extensive health testing to include bite certification. Our poodles are raised indoors with a lot of love and attention. We have 29 years of experience in breeding standard poodles only. All are AKC registered. We are inspected and certified by AKC and the State.

Our poodles are very socialized, with adults and children. We specialize in service dog placements. We have five different service dog trainers all around the U.S. that buy from us exclusively; therefore we start the pups at 3 1/2 weeks with specialty stimulation and training that the service dog trainers request. So, if they go to a service home or your home you can be assured of the best possible start. We love our poodles and it shows. We feed our poodles with only the best food. We work with a dog nutritionist and feed a mixture of 30% and 24% protein, and 19 % fat. The adults are feed a diet of liver sweet potatoes, carrots, quinoa, oatmeal, salmon oil and wheat gram oil mixed with their Victor kibble. The puppies’ diet consists of Victor puppy kibble supplemented with goat’s milk, plain yogurt, and canned pumpkin. But will be on the Victor kibble and NuVet supplement when they go to their new forever homes. Adults and puppies both are feed the supplement NuVet every day.

All of our puppies have their tails docked and their dew claws removed. They are micro chipped, dewormed, and have all required vaccines for their age. The pups are all doggy door potty trained and started on one-word command recognition. They will go to their forever homes with a comfy blanket that has the scent of their mother and litter siblings, a leash and first collar. They will also have AKC Papers, vaccine records and microchip enrollment papers. Our goal is to breed with the complete and positive poodle temperament. Environmentally rising, only completely socialized, calm, loving, gentle, and happy puppies. Poodles are the most intelligent of all breeds. They will excel whether they be used for working, servicing the disabled, hunting, or completing your family. Most importantly, a best friend who will always be by your side.

We are always striving for that perfect symmetry and color. We are happy to offer you two sizes the royal size and the traditional standard size. With colors that include red, cream, white, chocolate, phantom, sable, black, brindle and parti. It is so enriching to be able to match you to your perfect companion. A dog and his master are like no other bond. We are passionate about our poodles and look forward to you meeting your life long family member. Come visit our whole new poodle palace.